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Buffalo Bills fans descended on Jacksonville for Wild Card weekend

They are everywhere....everywhere!

After a long and heartbreaking 17 years, playoff football was back for Buffalo Bills fans everywhere. Just because the game is all the way down in Florida does not mean the Bills Mafia was going to be silenced. Fans everywhere have been making the trip down whether they were lucky enough to find a flight or just drove the 16 hours from Western New York all the way down to Florida.

The Mafia wasted no time Sunday morning making their voices heard at the tailgate. The Jaguars parking lots usually open at 9 a.m., but with a line of Bills fans stretching further and further down the road, Lot X opened at 7 in the morning instead. Bills fans took over the lot in a sea of red, white, and blue.

This party came on the heels of raucous gatherings on Saturday night, where fans weren’t allowed into events at restaurants that had met the fire code limit. Police taped off large areas of parking lots surrounding the restaurant as fans partied outside. Places ran out of food, ran out of beer, and were completely overwhelmed by the shear volume of people.

We haven’t received many reports of what it was like in the stadium. The upper part of the bowl was mostly Bills fans, according to some reporters on the scene, but the lower bowl that the TV broadcast showed was mostly Jaguars fans. It wasn’t enough to really alter the Jaguars’ home field advantage.