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Buffalo Rumblings offseason coverage overview

Here’s the plan.

The Buffalo Bills have been eliminated from the postseason so this post officially begins our offseason coverage. Here’s what you can expect from Buffalo Rumblings over the next several months.

Beginning this week, we will go through the same self-evaluation as the Bills are, both looking at the site and the football team. We will be asking for your input on the job we did during the season as well as delving into your opinion of the Bills’ front office, coaching staff, and eventually the players.

Our State of the Bills Roster series will kick off on Wednesday, breaking down each position group’s performance in 2017 and outlook for 2018. Lots of information to get you ready.

We will look at pending free agents, possible retirements, and spend a great deal of time this January and February discussing possible veteran cuts, replacements, and more trying to plug the holes on the roster.

While that is going on and all the way until April, we will be pumping out some content to get you ready for the 2018 NFL Draft. Scouting reports, mock drafts, analysis, and much more will be coming your way.

We’ll look back at the 2017 with a few retrospective pieces, take a look back at the best and worst from Buffalo’s 17-season playoff drought, and more all while keeping an eye toward 2018.

Just because the Bills’ season is over doesn’t mean we go away. Stay tuned.