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Matt Nagy hired by Chicago Bears; Buffalo Bills coaches could be assistants

While Buffalo can block the move, it doesn’t seem like a Process thing to do.

With Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy being tabbed as the new head coach of the Chicago Bears, another Andy Reid disciple will be looking for assistant coaches. With many Buffalo Bills assistants on that particular tree, it’s possible they could make a move to Chicago.

To be clear, the Bills and Sean McDermott wouldn’t be required to allow any of their assistants to leave for a promotion. The NFL doesn’t distinguish between quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, for example. Reid let several of his assistants join McDermott for a new opportunity, so it stands to reason McDermott wouldn’t stand in the way if they asked out of their contract.

Which Bills assistants could be on Nagy’s short list?

Quarterbacks coach David Culley

Culley was on Andy Reid’s staff with Nagy from 2011 to 2016 in both Philadelphia and Kansas City. Culley served as Reid’s wide receivers and assistant head coach. Like McDermott, Nagy could be looking for experience on his staff and as Nagy will be calling plays himself, Culley could come in and be his offensive coordinator.

Running game coordinator Juan Castillo

Castillo spent two years with Nagy in Philadelphia before Reid was terminated. Castillo moved to Baltimore and didn’t follow Reid to Kansas City. He served as defensive coordinator under Reid, as well, but if Nagy is planning on working with quarterback Mitch Trubisky and is calling his own plays, Castillo could come in and coordinate the offense.

Offensive assistant Chad Hall

Hall didn’t coach with Nagy, but was a wide receiver on the Eagles and Chiefs when Nagy coached in those spots. If he’s looking to make another step up the entry-level ladder, there could be an opening in Chicago.

Other coaches on staff have secondary coaching relationships with Nagy through John Harbaugh (Reid’s former special teams coach), but this list is a good place to start. And if Castillo or Culley get the call to coordinate, more guys could follow in their wake.