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Buffalo Bills fans can’t figure out their confidence level

What to make of the Bills?

The Buffalo Bills were going to be a roller coaster in 2018, and nowhere is that more evident now than in the FanPulse polling data.

Fans were down after the opener, when Nathan Peterman had a bad outing and we saw no hope. Then, Josh Allen entered and the hope increased, but another blowout left fans wondering. A win, then a shutout loss, then another win... What are Bills fans thinking?

Buffalo fans’ confidence spiked after the win over the Minnesota Vikings, pushing it up 30% to an in-season high of 73% of fans being confident in the direction of the Bills after their thorough beatdown of Minnesota. The Titans game, a low-scoring affair with only one touchdown against a suspect team, didn’t yield the same results.

Fan confidence jumped 13% from 32 to 45 since last week. (Titans fans dropped 24% from 94 to 70. Sorry, not sorry.)

Buffalo now faces the Houston Texans, whose fans think they will beat Buffalo by six points this week. Bills fans predict a one-point Houston win. The Texans fans aren’t very confident overall in their team though, with only 28% thinking they are heading in the right direction.