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Talking Buffalo Bills football on the Joe Raineri Show

We discussed LeSean McCoy, Derek Anderson, and Sean McDermott

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are coming off a 13-12 victory at home against the Tennessee Titans, and they travel south to face the Houston Texans this weekend. Currently, the Bills are 10-point underdogs, marking the second time this year that they have been double-digit underdogs. The Bills were 16.5-point underdogs in their Week 3 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

Joe Raineri, host of The Joe Raineri Show, wanted to discuss the betting line and more during our conversation yesterday. We also discussed the LeSean McCoy trade rumors, Buffalo’s signing of Derek Anderson, the success of rookie cornerback Taron Johnson, and head coach Sean McDermott’s success in making chicken salad out of the least talented rosters (on paper) in the National Football League.

The link to Joe’s tweet that has the show embedded is below. It is just the conversation we had, with the rest of his show cut out.

A huge thank you to Joe for having me on the show!