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Report: Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen out at least a few weeks with elbow injury

Not good news, Bills fans.

Not good news, Buffalo Bills fans. According to one report, rookie quarterback Josh Allen is going to be out at least a month with his elbow injury. This report has not been commented on or confirmed by the Bills, but the source is pretty ironclad.

Based on the video, “Pro Football Doc” David Chao has now said Allen will be out at least month with a UCL strain and possible structural damage. Chao worked with NFL teams for 17 years and is a practicing orthopedic surgeon.

“The test is called a milking sign, and the immediate reaction to pain indicates there is damage to the UCL, which is also commonly called the Tommy John ligament for its frequent reconstruction in baseball pitchers,” said Chao.

“Throwing a football would certainly stress this ligament, and his reaction after the pass is another sign of the injury,” continued Chao.

Chao goes on to clarify that it’s unlikely Allen will need surgery, but the prognosis for return in the weeks and not days.

“I’m not ready to say Allen’s season is done or that he needs surgery. But he will be hard-pressed to play the next few weeks based on his reaction to the test on his elbow.”