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AFC East roundup: The dog house

Who finds themselves in the dog house going into next week.

Another week of the NFL season is in the books which means another week for the AFC East Roundup. It was most a good week for the division as three out of the four teams won with the exception being the Buffalo Bills. However, every team had a player or players that find themselves in the dog house for making not smart players throughout the game.

Nathan Peterman

Well...words cannot explain the frustration that Bills fans have with Peterman. As soon as Josh Allen got hurt, fans were holding their breath waiting for those interceptions to come. To their surprise, he threw a touchdown to take the lead on the road late in the game but then “it” happened... In a tie game he threw a interception that went the other way for a TD and then threw another a couple plays later. Peterman is in the dog house in all of Buffalo and his roster spot is in serious jeopardy.

Kenyan Drake

Drake was going to be the Miami Dolphin’s primary runner this year but his stats so far this season has not been the best. On Sunday, against the Chicago Bears he only rushed for 46 yards but it was his fumble at the goal line at the end of the game that almost costed the team dearly. Drake did feel bad for it as he was spotted on the sidelines with his head in a towel awaiting what was a future victory for the Dolphins. Drake has the potentional and the skill to get out of the dog house but for now he is lucky that the team came away with the victory.

The McCourty Brothers

The McCourty brothers, Jason and Devin, had a rough day for the New England Patriots against the Kansas City Chiefs, especially in the later part of the game. One of the key plays was on a miscommunication that enabled a long touchdown catch from Tyreke Hill, as he finished the day with three touchdowns and 142 yards. Yes, the Patriots did win but it could have been a lot easier if the brothers were on the same page in coverage.

You notice there is no one on the New York Jets listed in the dog house after their victory over the Colts. That is because as a whole the team played well and together. They did give up a lot of points on defense but there was nothing noticeable to pick out a single person to send them to the dog house.