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Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans fan confidence plummets after Week 6

Bills and Texans fans both feel terrible after Sunday.

Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans fans are both miserable after the most recent game. It might be obvious, but that’s not great.

Bills fans, without injured quarterback Josh Allen and staring at a QB situation with Nathan Peterman and Derek Anderson, are understandably disappointed. A week after a 45% fan confidence level, Buffalo fans have dropped 17% to just 28%.

The interesting note is that despite a three-game winning streak, Texans fans also dropped in their fan confidence. They lost 10% of fan confidence, and sit at 18%, ten percent lower than the Bills. Buffalo exposed holes in the Texans offense and a competent QB on the Bills might have helped.

Bills fans have been on a wild ride this season in fan confidence, and a lot of it has to do with the quarterback position. After starting the year trusting the process, Bills fans showed their displeasure and head coach Sean McDermott agreed, changing to Josh Allen under center. While the rookie has had his ups and downs, so have Bills fans.