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NFL Week 5 power rankings: Buffalo Bills move down everywhere

A step back for the Bills after a shutout loss

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills played horribly football during Sunday’s loss against the Green Bay Packers. Being shut out isn't what you want to see from your rookie quarterback against an average defense. This week the Bills will move down in all of the national media’s power rankings.

ESPN bumps the Bills back just one spot from last week and now they sit at 31st, with only the Arizona Cardinals trailing them. The Packers moved up one spot from 10th to 9th.

In’s rankings, the Bills moved back five spots into last place due to a disheartening performance all the way around:

“If Bills fans wanted to crawl into a hole on Sunday -- perhaps a hole in one of those cheddar blocks adorning the heads of Packer Backers -- you can’t blame them. To review, Buffalo was shut out in Lambeau. On the season, Josh Allen has outrushed LeSean McCoy by a healthy margin. The wide receivers are the sorriest outfit in the league right now. Allen couldn’t even muster 5 yards per throw on Sunday, even though the Packers’ defense quit attacking and let him complete throws late (clock ball). Meanwhile, Green Bay rushed for 141 yards. These aren’t exactly the Lombardi Packers, fueled by the power sweep. Alright, I’ll stop. If you think I’m being hard on the Bills ... well, not as hard as some Buffalo folk.”

The Packers jump three spots from 12th last week and currently sit at 9th.

This week, Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback had ten of their writers vote on power rankings. The Bills were moved back to 30th, three spots lower than last week. Green Bay moves from their 10th spot last week to 6th overall this week.

CBS Sports moved the Bills back two spots and they are ranked at 29th this week. They are looking for next week to roll around to see how the Bills bounce back:

“There are going to be games like they had at Green Bay with a young team. The big thing will be how they bounce back.”

The Packers sit tight at 14 for CBS Sports.

Finally, SB Nation brings the Bills back three spots from last week and they now rest at 31st while the Packers move up one spot to 10th.