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Video Preview: Buffalo Bills vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Derek Anderson Game

The Buffalo Bills will play their second consecutive road game against the AFC South this week when they travel to Indianapolis to take on the Colts. Here are our top three headlines for the conference match-up.

Derek Anderson, starting QB for the Buffalo Bills

Yes, you read that heading correctly. Due to Josh Allen’s injury and Nathan Peterman’s performance, the Bills are turning to 13 year veteran, Derek Anderson. The last time Anderson started a game was December 4th, 2016. In that start, he played only a single play—a pass that was intercepted. Who knows what would’ve happened if he was left in long enough. Maybe he’d be the original Nathan Peterman.

Bills’ pass defense will be active

Coming off a 2017 season where Andrew Luck didn’t play in a single game or throw a single pass, some thought the Colts might ease him back into full time quarterbacking. That hasn’t been the case at all. Luck leads the league in pass attempts by 22 attempts. The Bills have averaged roughly 28 pass attempts per game this season. The secondary and the pass rush for Buffalo will be active and tested all game long. That should bode well for the Bills chances of winning—the Bills have the league’s second best pass defense according to Football Outsiders.

How will the Bills offense attack the Colts?

Normally with a new quarterback starting (especially one who has only been with the team for two weeks) you’d expect the offense to keep it safe and stick to running the ball. Well, the Bills have the 27th ranked rush offense and the Colts have the 8th best rush defense. The Colts’ pass defense is much worse (24th), but will Derek Anderson be able to take advantage of that weakness?