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Buffalo Bills second half open thread: Colts dominate, lead 24-0

Buffalo was outplayed in every way

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Rumor has it that the Buffalo Bills are playing a football game against the Indianapolis Colts today. However, the affair has been so one-sided that the Bills’ participation may merely be a rumor.

Buffalo has been outplayed by an Indianapolis team that appears to want the game a whole lot more than Buffalo does. The 24-0 score is probably closer than it should be, as the team has sleep-walked throughout an ugly first half.

Buffalo lost LeSean McCoy to a head injury on the first drive of the game, which was our first hint that things would be ugly for Buffalo. The Bills’ defense, which has played great for the better part of the last month, looks like it did against Baltimore—lost, sloppy, and demoralized.

Andrew Luck has three touchdown passes, the Bills have two turnovers, and Adam Vinatieri is five points away from breaking the NFL’s scoring record. Derek Anderson has been okay, although he threw an interception at the end of the first half that killed a possible scoring drive for Buffalo and led to a Vinatieri field goal.

The second half awaits us, Bills fans. It can’t be much worse than the first half...I hope.