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Buffalo Bills continue to float around the bottom of the NFL power rankings Week 8

Not surprising after the egg they laid in Indianapolis

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

After a 32-point loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the Buffalo Bills have now lost three of their five games by more than 20 points. The Bills are a mess and they are playing like it, which means NFL power rankings will consistently have them towards the bottom of the totem poll and we see it again this week.

ESPN power rankings have dropped the Bills one spot from 28th to 29th and highlights the center, Russell Bodine as one of their big problems. Of all the gaping holes they have and the lack of leadership, they pointed out the center. The Colts move up just one spot from 27th to 25th. moves the Bills back one spot from 28th last week to 29th this week as well. Their reasoning is more logical; the trenches. The Bills got beat all day on both sides of the line of scrimmage and that led the Colts to have over 200 yards on the ground. The Colts move up two spots from 29th to 27th.

Sports Illustrated’s MMQB group of eight writers voted again this week on the standings of the NFL. The Bills stayed where they were the week before, 30th. Like most, they point to the play of the quarterback as the issue.

“I’ll tell you a secret about the Bills deciding between Nathan Peterman and Derek Anderson for: It doesn’t really matter.”

This week for MMQB, the Colts move up one spot from 28th to 27th.

CBS Sports also highlight the quarterback play for how bad the team is.

Nathan Peterman, Josh Allen or Derek Anderson. Does it really matter who plays quarterback as bad as this team is right now?”

The Bills only move one spot down to 28th from 27th last week and the Colts stay stagnant at 26th. Apparently the national media isn’t impressed by a 32-point win over the Bills.

Our very own SB Nation moves the Bills down one spot to 30th from 29th last week. They too are not fond of the Bills chances to turn things around this season.

“At least Buffalonians can look forward to rookie quarterback Josh Allen’s eventual return from elbow injury. Unfortunately, that return won’t come in time for Monday Night Football against the Patriots.”

The Colts, for the first time this week make a big jump. They go from 28th last week to 22nd this week.