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Buffalo Bills’ fan confidence reaches season-low following disappointing blowout

Bills fans are pretty low right now.

Buffalo Bills fans are not confident in the direction of the team. Who can blame them?

We laid out the reasons here why Bills fans should be questioning the process the team has undertaken this offseason. They traded massive draft capital to select a quarterback, then handed the keys to Nathan Peterman for the opening week of the season only to bench him at halftime, they traded AJ McCarron and eventually had to sign Derek Anderson to come in because they didn’t trust the guy that two months earlier was their starting quarterback. AND THAT IS JUST ONE POSITION!

Well, after the 1-5 Indianapolis Colts took the Bills to the woodshed, running roughshod over head coach Sean McDermott’s vaunted defense, fans have dropped to a new low in our FanPulse polling data. After hitting 28% following a demoralizing loss to the Houston Texans, Bills fans are even less confident this week, with only 26% of respondents saying they are confident in the direction of the team.

If the Bills are blown out on national television this week, as expected, or if they can upset the Goliath to their David, it will be interesting to see how fans respond.

Stay tuned.