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Buffalo Bills fans not optimistic of second consecutive playoff berth

The Bills are a mess right now... can they rebound for the postseason?

The Buffalo Bills made the playoffs for the first time in 18 years last season, when rookie head coach Sean McDermott led the team to the postseason. That year, they were above .500 all season, but this year they sit three games under heading into Week 8 and a giant test on Monday Night Football.

Bills fans aren’t optimistic of a repeat trip to the NFL playoffs.

According to our FanPulse data, only 4% of Bills fans think the team will make the postseason in 2018. Frankly, that’s probably a bit high.

Only three other team’s fans voted at a worse rate; Oakland Raiders (0%), San Francisco 49ers (2%), and Arizona Cardinals (2%). New York Giants fans also gave their team a 4% chance to make the playoffs.

Around the AFC East, New York Jets fans aren’t much further ahead, clocking in at 5% while Miami Dolphins fans, presumably riding an early-season wave of confidence from their 3-0 start, give their team a 42% chance of making the playoffs. And who are these rogue New England Patriots fans, where only 96% of respondents think Tom Brady will make the postseason.