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Buffalo Bills Midseason Outlook, Terrelle Pryor Signing, Week 8 Patriots Recap, Trade Deadline Podcast

Buffalo Bills Midseason Outlook, Terrelle Pryor Signing & Spooky Bills Stories Podcast

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In this episode of the Circling the Wagons Podcast, we discuss the Buffalo Bills getting to the halfway point of the season at 2-6, and how Bills fans can choose to look at the season as a whole; from the defense, offense, coaching, front office, and future of the franchise. What can we expect the rest of this season? We always look on the Bright Side. We also discuss the Bills losing to the Patriots 25-6 to drop to 2-6 and some MNF nostalgia. As always, we give our Wall of Famer and play the “Blame Game” for our Wall of Blamer. We discuss the Bills signing Terrelle Pryor to a 1-year contract, and Beane/McDermott not participating in the NFL trade deadline this season and debate whether it should be moved to a later week in the season. We also talk Scary/Spooky Bills stories. Happy Halloween! The Bears are up next! Go Bills!

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