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Buffalo Bills punter Corey Bojorquez injured on blown field goal attempt

His shoulder is wrapped and he’s in pain.

Buffalo Bills punter Corey Bojorquez is in obvious pain on the field and kicker Stephen Hauschka is practicing punts at halftime after a botched field goal attempt. Bojorquez was thrown to the ground on the play, and came up favoring his right shoulder.

What the heck happened there? Bojorquez is the only one who seems to think this is a fake. No receivers ran a route and Hauschka didn’t seem to know it was coming, either.

According to reports, Bojorquez’s shoulder or bicep is wrapped and he is in obvious discomfort as he tries to take snaps and punt the ball at halftime. Trainers were seen working through his range of motion on the CBS broadcast.

Bojorquez was signed early in the season after being released by the New England Patriots. He was an undrafted free agent. He replaced Colton Schmidt, who has yet to find another chance on an NFL roster.