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Buffalo Bills-New York Jets first half open thread

Who’s ready to watch Matt Barkley play quarterback?

Who needs to watch first-round draft picks Sam Darnold and Josh Allen play when the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills kick off today? Instead, fans will be treated to the titillating quarterback duel of 28-year old journeyman Matt Barkley and 39-year old journeyman Josh McCown.

For Buffalo, this is the second time in a month that the coaching staff has deemed a player that they signed less than two weeks prior to making his first start is a better fit at the most important position in the game than the player they deemed ready to be their opening-day starter. Barkley joins Derek Anderson as the second player signed specifically to prevent Nathan Peterman from making another start. Peterman is the backup in today’s game, as both Allen (elbow) and Anderson (concussion) have been ruled out for the contest.

Your first-half open thread is here, folks. Let’s see if this straw is a better grasp than the last one.