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2019 NFL Draft order: Buffalo Bills fall down to sixth

The victory over the Jets dropped the team down a couple spots in the draft

While yesterday’s dominating win against the New York Jets was certainly cathartic for fans of the Buffalo Bills, it had the effect of dropping the team two spots down the 2019 Draft board. In fact, if the season ended today, the Bills would be in possession of the sixth overall pick of the draft. Thanks to Sunday’s win, the team has been usurped by both the Arizona Cardinals, who lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Jets themselves.

Here’s where the top six spots in the draft currently stand, along with the accompanying record for each team:

  1. Oakland Raiders (1-8)
  2. New York Giants (1-7, pending MNF)
  3. San Francisco 49ers (2-7, pending MNF)
  4. Arizona Cardinals (2-7)
  5. New York Jets (3-7)
  6. Buffalo Bills (3-7)

As one can see, tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Giants and the 49ers (yawn) will have a measurable effect on the rankings. If the 49ers win, they would drop down to the fifth pick and have a tied record with the Jets and the Bills. They would still pick ahead of Buffalo based on the Strength of Schedule tiebreaker.

The future schedule continues to look favorable for the Bills, despite this week’s “setback.” After tonight’s game, the Giants host the floundering Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which presents a winnable game for them. The Cardinals will also be hosting the Raiders that week, which could result in a rare Raiders victory. Oakland’s schedule past next week doesn’t provide much future hope for those.