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Recap of the five Buffalo Bills to watch against the New York Jets

All five guys played well and it obviously shows in the final score

The Buffalo Bills finally came together and played a great complete game for the first time since their win against the Minnesota Vikings. Beating any team 41-10 is good for the overall morale in the locker room and leaves them on a high point going into their bye week. Five guys we were watching this weekend pulled through with dominant performances.

QB Matt Barkley

I wasn't expecting Barkley to go out and play as well as he did for only having two weeks to learn the offense. Nothing really changed in Daboll’s gameplay but Barkley and the rest of the offense did a great job of executing. Barkley went 15 of 25 for 232 yards and 2 touchdowns. By no means does he have an arm as strong as Josh Allen but his ball placement on the deep ball was impressive and he had control over the offense. With Nate Peterman gone, Barkley should be the backup to Allen from here on out.

RB LeSean McCoy

McCoy finally had the game that we are all used to seeing from him. 26 carries for 113 and 2 touchdowns is a good day at the office for McCoy. The offensive line deserves a lot of credit for the way they played, the games prior to this one they weren't able to get much of a push at the line of scrimmage and McCoy’s struggles followed. McCoy showed he still has that lateral quickness that makes him so special. This was the first time this season that the Bills had a 100-yard rusher.

G Wyatt Teller

For a rookie fifth-round pick, Teller was plugged into the starting lineup and made it his job for someone to take. Teller isn't the strongest or most athletic guy in the trenches but his tenacity makes up for it. He finished his blocks and looked for work when his pre-snap matchup dropped off. The offensive line as a whole played a lot better this week and Teller taking over for Vlad Ducasse is a big part of the reason why.

S Jordan Poyer

Poyer didn't get the pick like I thought he would but the Bills did force McCown into throwing two of them. The opportunities were there as the Jets offense sputtered like an old faucet. Poyer did finish the game with six total tackles, including a sack. Poyer’s partner in crime, Micah Hyde, did force a turnover when he picked off McCown from the other safety spot.

DE Jerry Hughes

Every time you think Hughes has slowed down for a game or two, he flashes over and over why he is seen as the Bills’ best pass rusher. According to Pro Football Focus, Hughes had six quarterback pressures against the Jets, bringing him to a total of 50 for the season which ranks fourth in the NFL. Hughes had a tough matchup with Kelvin Beachum and he convincingly won that battle throughout the day, helping the Bills’ defense put on the performance that he did. He finished the game with four tackles and a sack.