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2019 NFL Draft order: Buffalo Bills retain the sixth pick through Week 11

The bye week shuffled the first five picks, but left the Bills where they were.

The Buffalo Bills went into the bye week sitting in sixth place in the race for the number one pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, and that’s where they remained after Sunday’s slate of NFL games. What did change, however, is the number of losses that separate the team picking first and the Bills picking sixth.

Here’s where the top six spots in the draft currently stand, along with the accompanying record for each team:

  1. San Francisco 49ers: 2-8
  2. Arizona Cardinals: 2-8
  3. Oakland Raiders: 2-8
  4. New York Jets: 3-7
  5. New York Giants: 3-7
  6. Buffalo Bills: 3-7

As you can see, Buffalo sits only one game behind the league-leading San Francisco 49ers for the first overall pick. If the teams ahead of them were to win next week and the Bills lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, they could be looking down at the rest of the NFL as early as next Monday.

That scenario seems unlikely to pass though, as only the 49ers—facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—and the Giants—traveling to the Philadelphia Eagles—seem to have winnable games during Thanksgiving weekend. No matter what happens, with so many teams packed so closely in the standings, there’s guaranteed to be movement again.