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Buffalo Bills’ playoff odds are slim, but you knew that

The Bills are likely on the outside looking in.

The Buffalo Bills are back to their familiar “In The Hunt” graphic, but at 4-7, the playoffs are definitely a long shot. With the teams Buffalo has lost to sitting in front of them, it’s a long road to the postseason in 2018.

No matter what happens tonight on Monday Night Football, Buffalo sits 13th in the AFC and needing to climb seven spots or more to make the postseason. The Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts are tied for the final Wild Card spot right now, and both have wins over the Bills.

Currently, analytics sites give the Bills a 1% or less than 1% chance of making the posteason. FiveThirtyEight has Buffalo 25th in their playoff odds ranking nominally tied with the 23rd-best team at 1%.

At the New York Times, their playoff machine says that even if they win out, Buffalo only has a 40% chance of making the playoffs. They’d be relying a lot on NFC teams beating AFC foes down the stretch.