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Game balls for Sunday’s victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars

The rookie and the vet got it done on both sides of the ball

The Jacksonville Jaguars game was one that a lot of Buffalo Bills fans had circled on the schedule. The need for revenge from last year’s playoff game and Jalen Ramsey’s comments about Josh Allen were enough to provide an extra spark. Of course, the Bills ended up on top due to a couple of impressive performances among other contributing factors. These guys get our game balls for the week.

QB Josh Allen

Allen didn't blow anyone away on the stat sheet: 8 of 19 for 160 yards doesn't usually get the job done in a lot of games. Still, with a couple of big plays he made through the air and with his legs (he had almost 100 yards on the ground), Allen lit a fire under the Bills that lead them to victory. Forget the box score, he did what had to be done to come out with the win. His command of the huddle, his leadership, his toughness, and the respect from his teammates were all on display Sunday. All things that don't show up on the stat sheet every week.

DT Kyle Williams

Williams was a nightmare for the Jaguars offense all game and Blake Bortles felt his presence—seven total tackles and 1.5 sacks for the beloved veteran on Sunday. When the Jaguars had to throw the ball while playing from behind, the combination of Williams and Jerry Hughes stood out. The two often played the left side of the offensive line together and wreaked havoc with a handful of stunts that confused the Jaguars offensive line. His clutch play held the Jaguars from converting on third downs and prevented them from taking the lead.

Honorable Mention: DE Shaq Lawson

Not many guys will get credit for being thrown out of a game but in Lawson’s case we can make an exception. The brawl that took place out of bounds by the end zone wasn't what many want to happen in a game, but for the Bills it was game changing. Along with Leonard Fournette getting tossed from the game, Lawson’s willingness to fight back for his teammate seemed to ignite the entire roster.