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AFC East Roundup: Things to be Excited About

Fans of all the teams have at least something to look forward too.

It is clear that the New England Patriots are in line yet again for another playoff run while the chances of the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets Jets are questionable at best. There is good news however, this week on the AFC East Roundup we will be looking at things that happened this past weekend that should get fans excited to see what’s to come.

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Allen returned to the helm after missing the last few games with his arm injury. Everyone was looking to see how he would react facing one of the top defenses in the Jacksonville Jaguars. He did not disappoint. The stats did not show it but he was more decisive and his movement in the pocket was much better than it was to start the season. The play that made fan’s jaws drop was when he moved up in the pocket to find Robert Foster in stride for a 75-yard touchdown pass. Allen almost nearly had 100 yards rushing and fans are starting to fully invest in him being the future of the franchise.

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

Gronk is back and he wasted no time in his first game back making an impact. He got the team on the board in the first quarter with a 34-yard touchdown reception with an excellent catch. We all know how much of an impact Gronkowski can make and how much the defense has to focus on him when he is in the game. If the Patriots want to make another Super Bowl run then Gronk has to be healthy and be the difference maker we all know that he can be.

Quincy Enunwa, New York Jets

There is not much to be excited about on the Jets but fans should still be excited about the development of Enunwa, who averaged 18 yards a catch for 73 yards on Sunday. The fourth-year receiver has really developed over the years and can become a complement to Sam Darnold once he is fully healthy. As a bonus for the Jets, fans should still be happy with the performance the defense showed this week, holding the Patriots to just 10 points at halftime before slowly fading away in the second half.

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins

We questioned earlier if Tannehill was the guy for the Dolphins after missing games earlier this season and his questionable play when he has. On Sunday, he proved that he can still be an efficient quarterback for the future with the team. Tannehill had just over 200 yards passing with two touchdowns. The Dolphins have play makers all over the field but one of the biggest questions was if Ryan is their guy of the future. After his latest performance, the team should invest in him again going forward because he showed that if the defense can hold for him, he can put enough points on the board to come away with a victory.