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Week 13 NFL power rankings: Buffalo Bills mostly moving up

Somehow, the Bills didn't move up in two of the three power rankings this week

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills came out on top of a hard fought game that most previous Bills teams would have found a way to lose. The national media have some mixed opinions about this game, some have the Bills jumping up multiple spots while others have them staying put. One even has the Jacksonville Jaguars ranked ahead of the Bills in the Week 13 power rankings.

ESPN kept the Bills in the 28 spot this week while the Jaguars move back two spots into 25th. The 3-8 Jags are ahead of the 4-7 Bills after the Bills beat them head to head. How ESPN has the Bills ranked lower than the Jags at this point in the season? I’m not sure but logic and reason doesn't seem to have played a factor when they sat down and thought about these rankings. moved the Bills up four spots from last week and they now sit in 24th. A lot of credit is given to Josh Allen’s ability to escape pressure and extend plays against a good Jaguars pass-rush. They moved the Jaguars back three spots to 28th after their loss.

Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback had eight of their writers vote in the power rankings poll this week and moved the Bills up two spots to 26th.

“Remember when the Bills and Jaguars met in the playoffs 10 months ago? Well the Bills got their revenge, I guess. Most people who watched that 10-3 game thought both teams needed to get a new quarterback, and the Jaguars may be jealous that at least the Bills got a one-year head start.”

The Jaguars were shoved down seven spots into 28th.

CBS Sports didn't move the Bills at all so they'll sit tight in their 27 spot. They do show some love to Sean McDermott and credit him for getting his team to play hard week in and week out. The Jaguars were ahead one spot coming into the game and how they're one spot behind the Bills at 28th.

SB Nation has the Bills moving into 26th for the week which is where the Jaguars were last week. The Jaguars move back from that spot to 29th for this week’s edition of power rankings.