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Five Takeaways: Buffalo Bills embarrassed again, this time by Chicago Bears

Lots of criticism.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Buffalo Bills were blown out on Sunday. This time, the Chicago Bears (without Khalil Mack) puts the boots to Buffalo and it’s getting really hard to trust the process. Our five takeaways are kind of all over the place, but we encourage you to add yours in the comments anyway.

Sean McDermott is a coward

Apparently, the process doesn’t involve math. At the beginning of the third quarter with Buffalo down 28-0, the Bills put together their best drive of the day. When it stalled at the 24-yard line, the Bills elected to trot out Stephen Hauschka, who made it 28-3. That 25-point deficit means Buffalo still needed to score four times to tie the game. So instead of it being a four-possession game, it was a four-possession game.

Nathan Peterman needs mercy

My Lord. This guy can’t catch a break OR get out of his own way. For the first time in his career, he made it into the fourth quarter and finished a game without being pulled. His first interception of the day was a ball bounced up by Terrelle Pryor that he should have caught and intercepted. Later in the game, he earned his INTs and he ran an untimed down out of bounds. He has certainly earned his reputation, but he needs to be Old Yellered (in the football realm).

Finally, the Bills scored a touchdown

It had been way too long since the Bills scored a touchdown. Eleven quarters, or 38 possessions on offense. And it took a phantom pass interference call in the end zone to even set up the opportunity. They even ran an onside kick after that.

Blowouts are way too common

Another week, another blowout for Sean McDermott. The Bears scored 41 points. It’s the seventh time in McDermott’s tenure that an opponent has scored more than 33 points against his team. The 32-point deficit, four touchdowns or more, is the fifth 30-point loss under the current Bills head coach. What a joke.

The offensive line is a joke

The Bills love their offensive line so much, they put a street free agent into the game today to replace their right tackle. Jeremiah Sirles got one series in the first half in place of Jordan Mills. Rookie Wyatt Teller replaced Vlad Ducasse on at least two series. And the blocking was never good and the running backs never had any room to maneuver.