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Stock up, Stock down: Buffalo Bills pass catchers, Jordan Poyer play poorly

The Bills were bad all over.

When you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Buffalo Bills tell us to hold their beer. The Bills fell on their collective faces, once again, getting run out of their own building by the surging Chicago Bears.

It should be a surprise to no one that all there is this week is stock downs, except for one notable exception.

Stock Down: LeSean McCoy

It is never easy to see great players as they start a slide to the end of the line. As we all know, the drop off for running backs can be swift and it has been so this year for McCoy. This may be a bit harsh considering how awful the offense is as a whole, but Chris Ivory is able to get yardage, whereas McCoy’s dancing style isn’t ideal for this offense.

Stock Down: Dion Dawkins

It was a game to forget for the second-year pro and Mack didn’t even play. Dawkins was getting beat, had a leg-whip penalty and did a poor job opening up running lanes for McCoy, Ivory, and company.

Penalties are starting to become an issue for Dawkins, which is something he can hopefully clean up. Otherwise, the trade of Glenn everyone praised this last offseason, will go down as a mistake.

Stock Down: Jordan Poyer

This may be controversial because Poyer has quickly become a fan favorite. But he got trucked by Howard on a TD run and was invisible for most of the game.

For such a fiery individual, the state of the season can’t be easy for Poyer to deal with, but as a team leader and someone the fans look to, his body language and play has to be better.

Stock Down: Pass Catchers

Those talking heads to simply look at box scores to form opinions, will throw the blame for this game at the feet of Peterman, but the players who get paid to catch the ball didn’t do the Pittsburgh product any favors against Da Bears.

On Peterman’s first INT, Pryor couldn’t bring in a pass over the middle and the resulting tip was hauled in for a turnover. With the game still a game, Croom fumbled following a short catch and Eddie Jackson scooped up the loose ball for a 65-yard TD return.

Peterman’s second INT, came when Kyle Fuller smashed into Zay Jones (legally unfortunately), which resulted in a tipped pass, which Leonard Floyd returned for another defensive score.

The final blow, when it sort of mattered, was when the “tall and strong” Kelvin Benjamin dropped a 4th down pass in the end zone.

Simply put, Peterman didn’t play great, but his pass catchers did absolutely nothing to help him out.

Stock up: Tre’Davious White

Teams simply aren’t throwing at the standout corner and for good reason. On one of the few times Trubisky threw in his vicinity, White got an INT. White won’t have stats to make him a Pro Bowl contender, but that is because he doesn’t get thrown at.

In a season that is spiraling quickly down the toilet, week in and week out White provides something positive for Buffalo fans.