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One Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills vs. Chicago Bears

Nathan Peterman puts his name in the record books again

Chicago Bears v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Nathan Peterman started for the Buffalo Bills once more on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. His first NFL start was historic and so was this most recent one. Peterman completed 31 passes on Sunday, which is the ninth most completions by a quarterback in Bills’ franchise history. It’s the only 30+ completion game since Kyle Orton was leading the Bills’ offense.

Those 31 completions also only amounted to 189 passing yards. As Nick Veronica pointed out on Twitter, Peterman is now the holder of the NFL record for fewest passing yards when completing 30 or more passes. He edged out Joe Flacco and Derek Carr by three fewer yards to grab the record.

This output is an indictment of the offensive gameplan as well as Peterman. The quarterback was often looking for short, quick routes. This was likely a direction given by Brian Daboll and Sean McDermott, who were looking to limit high-risk throws and hope their defense could keep them in it. Unfortunately, even the short routes resulted in turnovers.