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Buffalo Bills cut Phillip Gaines, promote Levi Wallace from practice squad

The NFL’s highest-penalized player got the boot.

The Buffalo Bills have cut cornerback Phillip Gaines, a common victim in Buffalo’s secondary. Gaines led the NFL in penalty yards this year, courtesy of three defensive pass interference flags that added up to 131 yards. Against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, Gaines gave up 90 yards in penalties.

The Buffalo Bills have tried several options for a viable starter across from Tre’davious White. Gaines took the job when Vontae Davis failed to pan out early in the season. An injury temporarily boosted Ryan Lewis, a second year waiver wire pickup, to the starting job. The team also deactivated Lewis for a time in favor of veteran Dontae Johnson. For the moment, the starting job is up in the air, though history might suggest the Bills are willing to give Lewis a shot.

To replace Gaines on the roster, the Bills promoted Levi Wallace from their practice squad. Wallace, a former walk-on at Alabama, spent the 2018 preseason with Buffalo after they signed him following the NFL draft.