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Buffalo Bills fan confidence dips to season low following another blowout

Fans are losing faith in this team.

Buffalo Bills fans are a hearty bunch, but even they have their limits. After the team’s fourth blowout loss of the season, fan confidence has sunk lower than at any other point in the 2018 season.

Just 21% of Bills fans are confident in the direction of the team. It’s one thing to be losing games while your team resets their salary cap situation. It’s another to be blown out four times in nine games.

Bills fans think Buffalo will lose by four points to the Jets, while fans in New Jersey and surrounding areas think their team will win by two. Not exactly a confident bunch after their rookie QB threw four interceptions last week. Their team confidence is at 11%, so I guess it could be worse.

Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans lead the way with the lowest fan confidence at just 8%. Next up are Denver Broncos fans at 9%, Jets fans at 11%, New York Giants fans at 12%, Green Bay Packers fans at 17%, and Detroit Lions fans at 20%. Oakland Raiders fans are tied with Buffalo at 21%. The highest fan confidence is with the Kansas City Chiefs (98%) with Los Angeles Rams fans close behind (96%).

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