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Week 10 power rankings: Buffalo Bills are arm’s length away from dead last

Thankfully, the Raiders hired Jon Gruden this season, amirite?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Nathan Peterman was at it again on Sunday—throwing the ball 49 times and producing 189 yards is something that should and will make people laugh. Another offensive letdown for the Buffalo Bills has them finding themselves flirting with the bottom of the power rankings for the season. Thankfully, the Oakland Raiders decided to dismantle themselves.

ESPN moves the Bills down three spots from 28th to 31st for the season.

“Nathan Peterman is who we thought he was, and the Bills are who we thought they were. Since Josh Allen’s most recent touchdown in a Week 5 win over the Tennessee Titans, the Bills have thrown more pick-sixes (three) than they have scored touchdowns (two). Peterman has tossed two of those pick-sixes; Derek Anderson was responsible for the other.”

The Chicago Bears jumped up four spots from 14th and are now on the edge of the top ten. highlights what I previously did, the 49 attempts for 189 yards that brings out a 3.9 YPA—and that won’t win you a whole lot of games in the NFL. On top of that, three interceptions that aren’t helping anyone but the opposing team. The Bills dropped one spot to 31st for this week while the Bears move up on spot to number nine.

Sports Illustrated’s MMQB had a group of seven writers this week to vote on where teams fell. The Bills stayed in the 31st spot and six writers voted for them to stay there while one gave them a very generous vote at 29th. The Bears moved up one spot from 14th to 13th.

CBS Sports bumps the Bills back two spots to 30th and blames Peterman for the miscues.

“Their offense is terrible right now. Nathan Peterman should not be starting - anywhere.”

The narrative going around that the Bills are choosing to start Peterman is ridiculous, but that’s a different story. The Bears move up five spots to tenth overall.

SB Nation moved the Bills back two spots from 29th to 31st and kept the Bears at their cozy number-eight spot. Again, like I said before, thank you to the Raiders.

“The Bills—who have not had a passing touchdown since Week 6 when Nathan Peterman threw one touchdown and two interceptions in a loss to the Houston Texans—are bad, but the Raiders are worse.”