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Buffalo Bills fans growing more optimistic over past few weeks

Bills fans like the direction of the team.

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Despite a sub-.500 record, fans of the Buffalo Bills see that the team is trending in the right direction. Since a low during the Nathan Peterman era in Week 10, the Bills and their fans have been trending upward on the arms of Matt Barkley and Josh Allen.

56% of Bills fans now think the direction of the team is a good one. The rookie QB Allen showed improvement this past weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars following his sprained elbow.

Around the AFC East, New England Patriots fans are the highest in the division at 68% approval followed by the Bills fans at 56%, Miami Dolphins fans at 45%, and New York Jets fans at just 6% (up from 2%).

Polling was conducted before Thursday, and New Orleans Saints fans were riding high at 100% fan approval, tied for the league lead with Los Angeles Rams fans. On the other end of the spectrum, Jacksonville Jaguars fans dropped to 1% following the loss to the Bills. (Well maybe that’s not exactly correct. They were at 1% the week before, too, and have been in single digits for more than a month.)

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