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Stock Up/Stock Down: Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Some guys are trending up while others, well it’s going downhill fast.

The Buffalo Bills dropped a tough 27-23 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. It looked like the Bills were in control for most of the game but give the Jets credit—after getting blown out in the first match-up, they stayed tough and pulled out the victory. For Buffalo. there are a couple of guys trending upwards after the game but then there’s one who keeps going downhill. We even have a coach appearing on this list today.

Stock Up: Robert Foster

After being demoted earlier in the season, it’s amazing what Foster has done over his last two games. Against the Jets, he continued his reemergence as the team’s leading receiver by a long shot with 104 yards on seven catches. Foster’s speed makes him a prime deep target for Josh Allen but even his shorter routes are becoming crisp, giving the team just what they asked for out of the undrafted free agent.

Stock Up...ish: Josh Allen

Allen is getting better and better with each passing week but we’re still seeing rookie mistakes. Starting off with the good: He’s beginning to decode coverage a lot better since his return from injury. This is so much the case that he’s now the team’s leading rusher because he knows when to tuck the ball and run. That becomes a problem when ball security is an issue, like it was on Sunday. He fumbled on his first touchdown run and then fumbled again later in the game—a ball that was recovered by the Jets. One of Allen’s interception was also on an unnecessary throw that should have just went out of bounds. Yes, Allen is trending upwards, but it’s not in the smooth upwards fashion we hope for but don’t usually see in a first-year NFL quarterback.

Stock Down: Charles Clay

Unfortunately for Clay, he has been in the dog house with Bills fans for most of the 2018 season. Last week against the Dolphins he dropped the game-winning touchdown pass that has found him shouldering most of the blame. Then against the Jets, he dropped a pass while wide-open and nothing but green grass in front of him. In total, he only had one catch for six yards. For as much as the team is paying him, his production should be a lot better. Clay is trending so far down that most people are saying he may not even have a spot on the team next year.

Stock Down: Danny Crossman

The Bills’ special team’s unit has been getting worse and worse with each passing week. The Jets were gifted a short field on multiple occasions due to the lack of coverage on the kickoffs. Furthermore, before the half, a field goal attempt was blocked. Add in the seemingly endless stream of penalties on special teams as a reoccurring theme all season, and it’s easy to see why Danny Crossman has made this list. Last week, it was a muffed punt, missed field goal, and missed extra point. Something has to change and Crossman may find himself at the start of the list.