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Buffalo Bills fans accused of bad behavior behind New York Jets bench, in parking lot

Bills fans are developing quite the bad reputation around the league.

The Buffalo Bills lost on the field Sunday against the New York Jets, but off the field, fans of the team aren’t looking so good, either. Separate incidents from Sunday’s game in Orchard Park have raised more questions about Bills’ fans behavior in and around the stadium.

Close to the field, Jets player are accusing Bills fans behind their bench of vulgar comments during Sunday’s contest, report Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

“It’s great to have passionate fans, but Jets players told me that #BillsMafia behind the bench were yelling some vile stuff as guys were getting treated for injuries on the trainers’ table,” tweeted Mehta Monday morning. “That’s bush league.”

No Jets players are on record with the comments, but for an NFL player to mention it when they are constantly in close proximity to screaming fans is noteworthy.

In the parking lot after the game, a local radio host’s daughter was on the receiving end of some vandalism. “Wease”, who hosts a morning radio show in Rochester, shared this picture he received from his daughter after the game on Sunday.

You may recall fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars accusing Bills fans of leaving heaping piles of trash and fires in the parking lots around TIAA Bank Field following the Wild Card loss in January. This is another example of a very vocal minority of Bills fans making everyone look bad, but the reputation around the league is growing.