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AFC East Roundup: Highlights All Around

Each team this week had at least one good highlight.

We had a pair of divisional match-ups in the AFC East this week as the New England Patriots battled the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets took on the Buffalo Bills. Both games came down to late scoring plays in the fourth quarter, making for some exciting action on the day. This week on the AFC East roundup, we’ll be looking at the best highlight for each of the teams on the weekend.

New England Patriots: Tom Brady

Yes, the Patriots lost in heartbreaking fashion but there was a record broken during the game. In the second quarter of the game, Brady threw a touchdown pass to Julian Edelman, breaking the record for most touchdown passes in the history of the league. As much as we all dislike Brady, you have to respect the performances he has every single year. He’s one of the greatest players the game has ever seen and at the end of the day you just need to tip your cap to him.

Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen to Robert Foster

Although the Bills did not pull out the victory against the Jets, there was a highlight at the time that many believed would lead to the game-winning points. Late in the fourth quarter. Allen ripped a ball to Foster for 38 yards that led to the go-ahead field goal in the game. It was a good play by both, especially by Foster to get yards after the catch as he was on his way to 100 yards receiving on the day.

New York Jets: Fourth-and-Goal Touchdown

Now we get to the game-winning highlights. As Sam Darnold led the Jets down the field for the game-winning drive, a situation came up. It was fourth and goal from the one and they were not going to kick a field goal to tie the game. Instead, they handed it off to Elijah McGuire who fought his way into the end zone for what would become the winning score. It was all but a given that the team was going to go for it, and it ended up paying off as they were able to intercept Allen to pick up the victory on the ensuing drive.

Miami Dolphins: Miami Miracle

We all saw it and if you didn’t—you live under a rock. The Miami Miracle is one of the better plays in recent memories that gave the team the victory over the supposed victor. This is the kind of play that fuels a playoff run. If the Dolphins can go on a win streak, this will be the play they look back on. It’s another example of why a team should never give up on the final play. Kudos to the Dolphins!