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Week 15 NFL power rankings: Buffalo Bills up, down, and still this week

Even after a loss, one site moved the Bills up two spots

After an ugly loss to the New York Jets, the Buffalo Bills are all over the place for the week on the national media power rankings.

ESPN kept the Bills and the Jets in their same spots from last week. The Bills hold firm at 28th and the Jets at 29th. This week’s edition for ESPN was every team’s wish list. They highlight the cap space they have going into the off-season and high draft pick. What the Bills do with it is up for debate, but ESPN sees bringing in weapons for Josh Allen as the best use of their capital. moved the Bills back two spots from 23rd to 25th after the loss while the Jets move up one spot to 31st. is frankly surprised that the Jets won the game. They go over Allen’s rushing numbers versus his passing numbers and the let down by the defense late in the game.

Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback had six of their writers vote on the power ranking poll this week. The Bills stay steady at 27th but are now tied there with the Cincinnati Bengals. As for the Jets, they moved up three spots to 26th overall, leapfrogging the Bills.

CBS Sports loves to stress the fact that the Bills show up and play hard every week and, despite the loss, their effort is justification for them to move up two spots to 25th.

“They should have beaten the Jets, but they blew it at the end. Even so, they play hard and Josh Allen is their guy for the long run.”

The Jets move out of last place to 31st overall.

SB Nation moved the Bills back one spot to 30th after a loss and the Jets back one spot to 29th after a win.