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Wingin’ It: Detroit Lions

This week’s recipe will make you roar like a lion—with delight!

As the Buffalo Bills prepare to face a new opponent each week, fans take on the age-old arch-nemesis know as “hunger.” Never fear, Buffalo Rumblings has just the playbook to take down this foe. Each week, we’ll dive into enemy territory to scout their signature moves and put a “Buffalo” spin on it. Translated, each week we’ll share a themed recipe based on who the Bills are playing, including a custom wing sauce to go with each dish. Our opponent this week:

Detroit Lions

Double Decker: I’m not sure I could have looked back on this series and considered it a success without doing at least one burger. The grilling/tailgating/American classic has so many excellent variants there’s no way to resist the urge to “wing it up.” If we’re doing this, we’re doing it big. Double-decker big.

Like so many iconic foods, the history of the double decker is not without its controversy, but one possible origin story comes from the Big Boy burger chain. Originally started in California, the iconic restaurant chain based on a chubby kid has settled near Detroit, Michigan where they maintain their strongest presence.

Double Decker

Serves: 4-6
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour


  • 12 cup hot sauce
  • 14 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 3 Tbsp butter, unsalted
  • 12 tsp garlic
  • 14 tsp cinnamon
  • 14 cup finely chopped onion
  • 2 lb ground beef
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cheese, your choice
  • Buns
  • Fixin’s
  1. Combine hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce in medium saucepan on MED; simmer 2-3 min.
  2. Add garlic and cinnamon. Continue to simmer for 1-2 min; remove from heat.
  3. Add butter; mix until well combined. Set aside and allow to cool enough to safely touch.
  4. Combine onions, ground beef, salt, pepper and 34 of the wing sauce in a large mixing bowl*
  5. Make patties
  6. Cook burgers**(Internal temp guide for burgers) The USDA recommends cooking all ground beef to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F, and all ground poultry to internal temperature of 165 degrees F.
  7. Assemble burgers
  8. Eat burgers

Wingin’ It Tips

*A little extra means you can drizzle and dip fries or whatnot.

**I’m assuming most people know how to cook a burger. If not, a meat thermometer is always your friend to make sure everything is thoroughly cooked. Medium heat or a little lower in a frying pan generally works well. Once you can start to see the burger brown into the middle, flip and add cheese. If you’re having trouble with your choice of cheese melting, you can cover the pan (always use the lid that goes with the pan).

The Beer

Look, it’s a burger. No need to make this complicated.

Beer products provided by Labatt USA. Please drink responsibly.

Coming soon!

The Bills visit the New England Patriots for Josh Allen’s first crack at toppling the giant. To honor this milestone, I’ll actually make a regionally appropriate recipe rather than the free-styling I did back in October.