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Game official Roy Ellison docked one game check for confrontation with Jerry Hughes

Ellison has been re-instated by the league after reviewing the situation

Game official Roy Ellison—who was placed on administrative leave after incidents that occurred between Buffalo Bills’ defensive end Jerry Hughes and he both during and after the Buffalo Bills’ Week 13 loss to the Miami Dolphins—has received additional punishment from the NFL.

Ellison was fined one game check ($9,300) and reinstated him from his time on administrative leave after the league reviewed details about the confrontation that ensued between Ellison and Hughes after Buffalo’s 21-17 loss in South Beach.

After the game ended, Hughes went past the team’s locker room to confront Ellison as he was entering the officials’ changing area, alleging that Ellison called him a “bitch” during the course of the game. Hughes said other things that may be considered threats directed at the longtime official, but the defensive end was not suspended by the league for his behavior.

“You called me a bitch,” screams Hughes in a video, his words directed at an unidentified official. “I’ll catch you. I’ll catch you, guaranteed.”

For his part, Hughes was fined $53,482 for unsportsmanlike conduct for confronting Ellison in the tunnel of Hard Rock Stadium. The amount of the fine was determined in accordance with the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association for a second offense of verbal or other non-physical offense against an official.

While the dollar amount of Hughes’ fine was significantly higher than Ellison’s, it was significantly less as a percentage of the defensive end’s overall income when compared to the official. The dollar amount of Hughes’ fine represented 1/7 of one game check, according to Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith.

Previously, Ellison, a 16th year official, was suspended by the NFL in 2013 for allegedly calling Washington Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams “a garbage a** disrespectful motherf****r.”