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Singing “Bills Dad” Dick DeGroat falsely accused of inappropriate advances

We’ve all been told to be cautious on social media and take certain posts with a grain of salt. Sometimes, however, even the best of us get caught in a situation that someone with poor intentions created. Dick DeGroat is a person who can attest to the previous statement.

Known as “Bills Dad” on social media and especially Twitter, Dick DeGroat is an avid Buffalo Bills fan. Adorned in his “Bills Dad” jersey, he uploads videos of himself singing popular songs that he’s re-written to give a Bills-themed twist. Here’s one from earlier this season:

On Saturday, a new account on Twitter sent out a tweet accusing Bills Dad of trying to kiss her after she asked him for a picture while tailgating before last week’s Bills game against the New York Jets.

DeGroat quickly reacted and messaged the account to clear his name, stating that he is married and would never have done something like that. He also publicly attempted to distance himself from the accusation.

After failed attempts asking this new Twitter account to remove the posts, Bills fans began to question her accusation and many came to DeGroat’s defense. She claimed that she had a picture taken with him but would not post it publicly as to not embarrass her family. (She said her family may have been duped by a Bills Dad impostor, which would have been embarassing.)

The story takes a stranger twist, though. It was discovered that the new account was a fake account that had been stealing pictures from a real person on Instagram, who knew nothing of the Twitter version of herself. The account has since been reported for impersonating someone else and removed by Twitter. The real person has been notified as well.

It isn’t clear why someone would create an account in order to tarnish DeGroat. Stay vigilant on social media, Bills fans.