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McDermott-led Buffalo Bills have serious trouble scoring against the New England Patriots

In four games, the Buffalo Bills have only scored one offensive touchdown against the New England Patriots

One of the easiest paths to success in the NFL is to win games within your division. To that end, the Buffalo Bills have been chasing the New England Patriots in the AFC East for a couple of years now. How have the Sean McDermott-led Buffalo Bills fared against the division giant? They have precisely one offensive touchdown against the Patriots.

That’s four games. Or two years if you prefer that measure. Three quarterbacks (four if you count Nathan Peterman subbing in for Tyrod Taylor). Choose any measurement you want, the Bills have fallen short.

Stephen Hauschka is the lead scorer for the Bills with 26 points (eight field goals and two extra points). Behind Hauschka is Jordan Poyer and Zay Jones with one touchdown each. Jones scored the first offensive touchdown against the Patriots in two years during garbage time this Sunday.

The Bills’ first outings each year have been the more embarrassing with scores of 3-23 and 6-25. On the back of the two aforementioned touchdowns, the Bills have closed their yearly rivalry with the Patriots with scores of 16-37 and 12-24.