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Buffalo Bills opponent preview analysis: Miami Dolphins defensive end Robert Quinn

The Buffalo Bills close the season against the Miami Dolphins. We take a look at defensive end Robert Quinn

With playoff chances a distant memory at this point, we come to our final opponent of the 2018 season, and therefore our final opponent preview. As we cast our gaze toward 2019, we see a team that firmly belongs to Josh Allen. Pardon the repeat rationale, but we again look at a pass rusher to see what might be in store for the Buffalo Bills as they try to exit the season as healthy as possible. Defensive end Robert Quinn is the focus this week. A former All-Pro with the Rams, Quinn was traded to the Dolphins this past offseason. While he’s a shadow of his 19 sacks 2013 self, Quinn has added some juice to the Miami defensive line.

Play 1

Quinn is considered more of a speed rusher and plays more like Jerry Hughes than Mario Williams. The little sidestep doesn’t look like much, but in close line play it’s a rare enough feat where it takes David Bakhtiari by surprise. By the time he recovers, Quinn is in Aaron Rodgers’ face.

Play 2

Robert Quinn doesn’t lose all of his momentum by being jammed by Lance Kendricks, but is slowed down significantly. On the recovery, he’s able to get low which helps him drive the left tackle back. Quinn isn’t known for power, and this kind of push isn’t the norm. It happens enough though to take it into consideration.

Play 3

The Dolphins don’t seem to ask Quinn to drop into coverage often and this is why. He immediately loses his man. Quinn appears to drop into a zone but his indecisive movement makes him a liability if the play comes his way. Quinn is pretty much a pass rush specialist only, and often doesn’t crack 60% of playing time. Starting all 15 games this season, Quinn has only broken that mark five times.

Play 4

The extended hands prevent Bakhtiari from grabbing some jersey, which plays into Quinn’s move. The longer step that comes before the change of direction functions almost like a jump stop in basketball, allowing a quick cut. Bakhtiari is way behind in reacting to this and Rodgers goes down. While Cameron Wake helped on the other side, Quinn is incredibly successful here.

Play 5

This rushing attempt isn’t likely going anywhere, but sometimes the best way to see how fast a player can be is to just watch them run. With no one blocking him, Quinn is on the ball-carrier immediately.

Play 6

Quinn doesn’t have a wide array of hand fighting and finesse techniques. He does have a good swat, which can help him steer around linemen. The punch to Bakhtiari’s side allows Quinn to circle around and get to Rodgers. He’s also savvy enough not to pull the quarterback down and net a flag for a horsecollar tackle.

Play 7

Another swat clears the left hand of his opponent and Quinn is fast enough to race around the left tackle. Quinn’s right arm is up and ready to take the ball away if an opportunity presents itself. It doesn’t and he uses it to make a shoestring tackle while falling instead.


The Dolphins didn’t acquire a versatile player with Robert Quinn, but they did land a good speed rusher who has a decent mastery of what skills he does bring to the table. Quinn should spend a good deal of time seeing Dion Dawkins. Don’t be surprised if Quinn finds his way around Dawkins a few times on Sunday.