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5 Bills to watch: Kyle’s last game, no you’re crying

Well that news just changed the outlook for Sunday’s showdown with Miami. If you haven’t heard, Buffalo Bills franchise stalwart Kyle Williams announced on Friday that he will retire following the game Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

That makes this not just another meaningless December game in Buffalo.

It means it’s the end of an era. Kyle has been the heart and soul of this team for the better part of a decade and every play he is on the field, you should simply watch just him.

DT Kyle Williams

This is more of a legacy watch. Kyle will go down as one of the Buffalo Bills’ most beloved players of all time and one of its best, period.

What you really need to watch with him, is the passion with which he plays. It would be easy for him to mail it in, during yet another lost season, but that’s not what makes him great. He will bring the intensity and do what he can to make sure others bring that same passion. That is what makes Williams an all-timer: his drive and passion regardless of the situation.

Soak it up while you can, because players like him don’t come around often.

QB Josh Allen

Josh Allen has had a rocky rookie season, but that is (and should) be expected of rookie quarterbacks. Allen has, at times, played at a super-hero level (the first Miami game comes to mind), but he also has plenty of room to grow.

That latter category is what bears watching in the finale against the fish. Allen has shown he can take over a game running the ball. What Bills fans should hope for against a deflated Miami team is that he finally takes over a game with his arm.

We all know about the well-documented issues the Bills pass catchers have with doing just that: catching the ball. There are plenty of balls, however, that Allen simply needs to be better on.

Yes, he’s still a green quarterback, and there have been signs of improvement, but in the last game of the season, it would be a huge boost to the franchise and fan base if the Wyoming product can just go off. 300 yards and three touchdowns would be a fantastic sendoff to 2018 and a springboard into 2019.

RB LeSean McCoy

In a season everyone would rather soon forget, no one would like to develop some amnesia more than Shady. By virtually any measure, McCoy has had the worst season of his Hall of Fame career.

His off-the-field issues are well documented and his on-field performance is lackluster. A good chunk of the blame can be put on a horrendous performance by the offensive line. McCoy, though, has been too indecisive and is looking to hit the home run every play, instead of simply taking what is there.

Those things combine to make McCoy’s future somewhat murky. Sean McDermott and Shady have said all the right things about wanting him to return, but words in football can prove to ring hollow once the off-season hits.

What fans should watch for is any signs of the, ahem, real McCoy. A strong performance against the Dolphins may be what’s needed to keep this union together.

LB Tremaine Edmunds

The rookie linebacker has had a successful season filled with hard-earned lessons and highlights. Edmunds has proved his ability to be an every down backer and has started to show a nose for the ball.

The 20-year-old makes the watch list, because he is simply fun to watch. When he correctly diagnoses a play, watch him explode to blow said play up. As the season has progressed, that has happened more and more simply from experience.

2019 should be a breakout year for Edmunds and this finale hopefully provides a launching point for him.

CB Tre’Davious White

There may be some push-back from this, but something about White has just seemed off since the first Miami game. The normally feisty White has seemed subdued and he has been toasted on some plays where he was there to make a play.

If anything, it’s hopefully just a blip on the radar, but the second-year corner can alleviate any concerns with a solid performance against Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins.

A solid performance doesn’t require three interceptions and two forced fumbles. Simply not hearing his name would be a good performance because that would mean there were no flags and he smothered his man.