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New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman fined for three separate plays against the Buffalo Bills

This guy paid my tuition and then some in fines for unnecessary roughness.

New England Patriots receiver, Julian Edelman has always been one for extra-curriculars on the football field. In his win over the Buffalo Bills last week, Edelman was penalized for unnecessary roughness on one play.

According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Edelman was fined for three separate plays that involved unnecessary roughness. The total amount of money Edelman was fined was $63,504. Being fined for three separate unnecessary roughness penalties is ridiculous and Edelman shouldn't just have to pay fines as a result.

Edelman was also penalized for unnecessary roughness this year one other game and that also occurred against the Bills on Monday Night Football at New Era Field. For that penalty, he was also fined $26,739, which brings his tab for the year to $90,243.

Fun fact: In Julian Edelman’s career, he has been penalized while playing the Bills more than he has while facing any other team.

Edelman has a base salary of $2 million this season, which means he makes roughly $117,000 per game. This is more than half that amount.

His risk of suspension for unnecessary roughness has now gone through the roof, as well.