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2019 NFL Draft order: Buffalo Bills jump back to the 8th pick through thirteen weeks

Bills tied with five other teams at 4-8, will look for separation the next few weeks

The Buffalo Bills’ loss to the Miami Dolphins during this first weekend of December has given them a slight jump up the 2019 NFL Draft board. Previously, the team was ‘in possession’ of the ninth pick, but with the close loss this Sunday, the team is tied with four other 4-8 teams, looking at the eighth pick.

Here’s where the top nine spots in the draft currently stand, along with the accompanying record for each team:

  1. San Francisco 49ers: 2-10
  2. Oakland Raiders: 2-10
  3. New York Jets: 3-9
  4. Arizona Cardinals: 3-9
  5. Detroit Lions 4-8
  6. Atlanta Falcons 4-8
  7. New York Giants: 4-8
  8. Buffalo Bills: 4-8
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-8

Detroit’s opponents are .500 right now, moving them to the top of the 4-8 teams in terms of lowest strength of schedule using all 16 opponents. Atlanta is just behind at .503 followed by the Giants at .511, Buffalo at .521, and the Jaguars at .545. That’s the tiebreaker to watch.

Taking a gander at the list, the fourth or even the third pick look to be in reach for the Bills, given a few more are additions to the loss column. The 49ers and Raiders are clearly locked in with the first two picks, but it’s wouldn’t take much for Buffalo to find themselves advancing up the list rather quickly.

Looking ahead though, a rise above the fourth pick may be exceedingly difficult, as the Cardinals, 49ers and Raiders have very difficult upcoming schedules, while the Bills have middling upcoming opponents.