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AFC East roundup: playoff odds

Which teams are sitting pretty and who’s likely looking to next year.

It’s that time of the year when fantasy teams around the country are getting ready for their playoff run, so we figured this week on the AFC East Roundup was a good time to break down the current playoff odds for the division.

Buffalo Bills and New York Jets

The bad news for these two teams? Their current playoff odds are below one percent— but there’s some good news. The rookie quarterbacks for both teams are flashing a lot of potential. Josh Allen looked like a star-in-the-making against the Miami Dolphins even though he didn’t pull out a win. Sam Darnold has also shown enough promise for fans to believe he may lead the Jets for years to come. This Sunday, we get to see these two rookies battle it out against each other for the first time in the careers. Even though they’re out of the playoff race, the future is potentially very bright.

Miami Dolphins

After defeating the Bills on Sunday, the Dolphins have about a 7% chance to make the playoffs. They are currently clustered in the middle of the pack with teams who are 6-6. Their biggest obstacle to the postseason is the Indianapolis Colts who beat Miami a couple weeks ago. Their remaining schedule is also one of the hardest in the league—they still have to play at Buffalo along with playing the New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, and Jacksonville Jaguars. If they want to see some January football this season, then they have to end the year on a pretty impressive run.

New England Patriots

The Patriots are in the same position they seem to occupy every year this century. It’s not a matter of if they make playoffs, but rather what seed they’ll land. They’re currently one game behind the Kansas City Chiefs for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, but the Patriots hold the tie-breaker between the two teams. Tom Brady may not be as sharp as in year’s past but he’s still Brady, and he recently got back Rob Gronkowski. It appears as though Bills, Dolphins, and Jets fans will have to endure another season where the Patriots are the only team in the division to make the postseason.