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Not much change with Week 14’s power rankings

However, one outlet actually moves the Bills up one spot

After a crushing loss on a failed fourth-down play to the Miami Dolphins, the Buffalo Bills weren't lambasted by the national media in this week’s power rankings. There wasn't a whole lot of movement for the Bills and it feels as if they might be stuck in the mud like this for the remainder of the season.

ESPN keeps the Bills stagnant at 28th overall after the loss and the Dolphins move up just one spot to 20th overall for the season. Their stat for this week is what teams are number-one in the NFL for.

We’re No. 1 in: Passing yards allowed per game. The Bills have the NFL’s best pass defense, allowing only 187.2 yards per game. That is not simply a function of low opponent passing volume against the Bills, who have been outscored by 115 points this season. Buffalo is allowing a league-low 9.24 yards per completion. -- Mike Rodak” actually moved the Bills up one spot from 24th to 23rd, while the Dolphins moved up three spots to 20th. They credit Josh Allen for keeping that fourth-down play alive and criticize Charles Clay for not making the catch.

Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback had nine of their writers vote this week on their power rankings. They moved back one spot from last week to 27th, while receiving three votes to stay in their previous 26th spot. The Dolphins moved up two spots to 20th.

CBS Sports holds the Bills steady at 27th overall and again are adamant that the team fights and fights hard every week for Sean McDermott.

“They battle every week, which is a good sign for Sean McDermott. Now it’s time to get him more talent.”

The Dolphins jump up three spots to 17th overall.

The biggest change for both teams comes at the hands of SB Nation, where the Bills move back three spots to 29th and the Dolphins drop five spots from 21st to 26th after a win.