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Buffalo Bills kicker Stephen Hauschka injured on cheap shot during final play of first half

The Bills’ kicker took a cheap shot on his blind side

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills lead the New York Jets 17-13 after one half of play. It could have been 20-13, but Stephen Hauschka’s 49-yard field goal attempt on the last play of the half was blocked. On that play, Hauschka was injured, taking a hit from defensive lineman Henry Anderson.

The tweet and the video say it all. Anderson, a 6’6,” 301-pound defensive lineman, took a cheap, blindside shot at the 6’4,” 210-pound kicker. Hauschka stayed down on the field for a bit while some of his teammates remained back to check on him. He was eventually able to walk off the field under his own power, but he did so very slowly.

For a hit of that nature to take place right in front of an official, who was not looking to see the hit, makes it even worse that Hauschka suffered an injury on a play like that. Luckily for Buffalo, he is well enough to remain in the game and made the second half kickoff.