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Buffalo Bills eliminated from 2018 NFL playoffs with loss to New York Jets


The Buffalo Bills have been eliminated from the playoff race with their loss to the New York Jets. Even if Buffalo wins out to get to seven wins, they won’t be able to pass teams in the Wild Card race.

With the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiegs already past the eight-win mark, Buffalo wasn’t going to catch the second place team in the AFC West. On Sunday, they also fell behind both of the top two teams in the AFC North.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens both have seven wins and a much better conference record than Buffalo if it came down to that tiebreaker with the Ravens. And Baltimore had a head-to-head victory over the Bills to boot.

With that, the Bills can dive into evaluation mode with both feet. They started last week by sending Taron Johnson for shoulder surgery and releasing Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes.