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Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott press conference from the 2018 NFL Combine

Head Coach Sean McDermott took questions from the press at the NFL Combine Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott took questions from the media at the NFL Combine. This has been the first press conference for McDermott since his end of the year press conference last month. Topics ranged from newly signed Bill Vontae Davis to the catch rule that is currently being debated in the NFL. Here is a look at all of the topics that were covered.

Vontae Davis

When speaking about Davis, McDermott described the veteran presence and leadership that he will bring to the team. Davis will play on the outside to start his time with the time but there is always the possibility that he could move inside to the slot.

Kyle Williams

A question was asked about the status of veteran defensive tackle Kyle Williams and McDermott stated how everyone knows how much he loves him. He is going to let the situation work itself out but McDermott did say that general manager Brandon Beane has been in touch with Williams.

Preston Brown

With linebacker Preston Brown becoming a free agent, McDermott praised Brown for being a key piece for the Bills. He did not go into details on the status of negotiations with him.

Tyrod Taylor

We knew the Tyrod question was coming and McDermott stressed how he was a key piece in breaking the playoff drought for the team. The key takeaway form his answer was that he immediately followed up that statement by saying that the Bills are “still going through the process.” When it comes to the possibility of a Tyrod trade, McDermott knows that this is a business and that you never know what can happen after looking over the process.

LeSean McCoy

With running back LeSean McCoy being 30 and making a good chunk of change McDermott was asked for his thoughts on Shady. He said that McCoy has showed no signs of slowing down based on his play last season and that Shady is a player that sums up the culture that is being built in Buffalo.

Eric Wood

There has been little update on the Eric Wood front after the awkward “retirement” press conference. Little insight was given from McDermott besides stating that it will handle itself in time and that it is still being dealt with.

Brian Daboll

It seems that the organization wants to make sure that new offensive coordinator, Brain Daboll, has all the weapons that he wants at his disposal. McDermott said that he will “be heavily involved” with providing feedback on prospects that he fills will be a good fit with what he is trying to accomplish.