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What we learned from the Brandon Beane NFL Combine press conference

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane had his turn with the media at the NFL Combine.

After Buffalo Bills’ head coach Sean McDermott took to the podium Wednesday morning to speak with the media at the NFL Combine, it was general manager Brandon Beane’s turn to take questions. This was Beane’s first time taking questions from the media since the Senior Bowl. Of course the upcoming draft was a hot topic given the Bills position but there were also things to address with current players on the team.

Vontae Davis & E.J. Gaines

Beane said that the team did plenty of work in their successful effort to recruit new corner back Vontae Davis. His skill set along with his tenure in the league were big selling points. Regarding the status of free agent corner back EJ Gaines, Beane said that this move has no impact on him and that the team would love to have him back.

LeSean McCoy

Beane was quickly to put down the thought of the team parting ways with LeSean McCoy because of his age and contract in the same way that McDermott did earlier in the day. Shady is a big part of what the team will be doing next season so expect to see number 25 back on the field for the Bills.

Tyrod Taylor

Of course Beane was going to get his fair share of Tyrod questions and he did not shy away from answering them. He explained that Tyrod is currently on the roster and things such as the signing bonus is not an issue.

Draft picks

Beane is a guy who loves his draft picks and his mentioned before that he values having a lot of picks in his pocket. He stressed the theme that if you want to trade up you have to be all in on a guy 100 percent of the way. If the guy you trade up for does not fit your long term plan then what is the point in doing it.

QB Class

When asked about the crop of QB’s in this year’s class, Beane emphasized that it is all about finding the right guy for the team. He sees a lot of potential from the guys in the class but has not been able to meet all of them just yet.