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Tyrod Taylor won’t take another pay cut to stick with Buffalo Bills

During Super Bowl week, Taylor was asked about a possible pay cut to stay with the Bills and dismissed the idea

During the commotion of last week’s lead up to the big game, Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor was asked by the Buffalo News if he would consider a pay cut to remain with Buffalo in 2018. Taylor’s status with the team has been in question since Week 11 of this past season when he was benched for rookie QB Nathan Peterman.

Taylor’s response to the question of a paycut was “Nah, that’s not really part of the plan right now.”

"Definitely not part of my mindset," continued Taylor. "I’ve done that before. I don’t think there’s a need to do that again. That’s definitely not part of my mindset.”

Taylor also indicated that he has not yet had any discussion with the team regarding his future in Buffalo.

“I really haven’t had any communications as to what’s the plan moving forward," said Taylor. "I’m sure that it’ll be communicated to me at some point, but as of right now, I’m going to continue to focus on myself mentally, physically, and get ready for another season.”